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Digital Stark has been building up media and platforms to support government and companies that want to expand into SE Asia. Power channels with more than 2 million followers, review marketing platforms, and local partner networks are ready to support your business in SE Asia.

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Diahunters has power pages with 640,000 followers who are interested in fashion, beauty and shopping. The audience is mostly young ladies from young teens to those in their 30s. Other than content provision, Diahunters provides onsite sales, surveys, lucky draw events to introduce our sponsors’ products and services.

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Review Hunters

Anyone can make content easily with one's own mobile phone. This ability has made ordinary people's opinions more important, especially with respect to review comments, These reviews have a huge impact on others' purchase decision-making. Digital Stark operates the Review Hunters Platform that covers the whole SE Asian region. In Indonesia, we attracted 729 applicant reviewers for 20 reviewers positions in only in 3 days.

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Go Go Korea

The Korean wave continues in SE Asia. Go Go Korea is a power channel that delivers Korean wave content to 270,000 followers in SE Asia. Go Go Korea connects with local customers, informing them on Korean food, travel, fashion and beauty.

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Go Go Korea Cooking

Cooking Korean food is another kind of Korean wave. Since Covid19, Korean drama has become more famous on OTT services like Netflix, and many SE Asian customers have started cooking for themselves. Go Go Korea Cooking is delivering content about K-Food and K-Cooking from its own cooking studio.

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KBDN Korea Business Development Network

KBDN, the Korea Business Development Network, is a platform for exchanging business information among Korean companies that want to expand into SE Asia, and for SE Asian companies that want to find new business items and opportunities in Korea. Members receive valuable information and business opportunities. The platform is preparing to open itself to the general public.

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Even though most media power has shifted to social media, it is still worthwhile utilizing the credibility of traditional media. Digital Stark manages media releases and press conferences for TV, newspapers, radio and magazines, covering more than 300 media providers in each country.

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Radio show microphones



Billboards, as out-of-house ads, are an important method of advertising your business in SE Asia, where heavy traffic jams are everyday occurrences. Digital Stark has been involved in planning, designing, and operating billboard ads in SE Asia for several years. Printed Ads / Digital Ads

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