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Onlinemalls such as Shopee and Lazada are now a  standard sales channel for overseas marketing. Digital Stark manages the whole process which includes registration with local governments, importing, registering on online malls, marketing in online malls, customer service, payment, and delivery.

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Content is so important in online sales. Content must be adapted to fit local people's tastes, language, culture, and interests. Product introduction in English will not work in local markets. The content and message should be changed depending on the market.

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Digital Stark helps your business register on online malls in local markets, including FDA license, Import license, Storage, Incorporation and more.

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To make sales on online malls, review marketing is mandatory. A content base with a huge number of ordinary customers' reviews is set up. Micro influencers' content makes a stronger impression when accompanied by unique creative visuals. Mega influencers’ content generates a huge impact together with strategically-designed promotion plans. For more about our services, please visit

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All content made from review marketing must be made into a 2nd content by acquiring 2nd content rights. After editing the content into many formats for many platforms, it is posted on websites, online malls, client's social media channels and more. A well-made promotion must be combined with this 2nd content in order to generate revenue. Performance marketing and a funnel analysis are essential. Digital Stark always develops the optimal method to produce results.


Effective customer service is the last step in ensuring revenue. Just one answer can generate more revenue, or result in more complaints. Our local team in each local market manages customer service perfectly promptly. Digital Stark records all the activity of C/S daily with a KPI_key performance index. These records are shared with clients in real-time. C/S also finds new business opportunities.

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